About Interswitch

Compact Switchgear Type B20

Interswitch is registered in the Republic of South Africa. We are completely independent and have dominated the market since 1983. Mr Korner, a electrical switchgear designer and expert in the field of medium voltage (since 1962), started the company working from his home. He designed and marketed medium voltage switchgear and was awarded with the Telemecanique Electrical Design in the High Voltage category. Later the company was operated from rented premises in Industria, Johannesburg. In 1994 we moved the company was moved into our first owned premises. Interswitch recently relocated to Heidelberg, Gauteng and are currently located in 6 Chris street.

Our main activity is in the field of medium voltage distribution. It is our policy to offer high class technology and to give outstanding service to all our customers. We enjoy technical challenges and many of our products are designed to meet and solve special problematic requirements of our customers.

Our operational sections are: Assembly Resin Casting, tool making, construction, repair and maintenance, routine testing and development. In our test laboratory we have test equipment up to 100 KV, Impulse Generators up to 250 KV, Partial Discharge metering unit current injection capabitity of 1200A AC and 400A DC.

However, the most valuable of our assets is our staff, most of them have many years of practical and theoretical experience with medium voltage switchgear, tis operation and maintenance and the operation and installation of cable and overhead distribution systems.

We are the Southern African market leader in the field of MV Resin Encapsulated Compact Switchgear - having been in the switchgear field for more than thirty five years.

With our cost effective and reliable products we supply most municipalities in South Africa, ESCOM and other business sectors including Mozambique, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

We subscribe to the government's BEE Code of Practice and at present have a rating of 67.2%.

Some of the services we offer are as follows:

  1. Substation Manufacturing
  2. Construction-distribution network and substations
  3. Indoor / Outdoor switchgear - metal clad / resin encapsulated
  4. Retrofitting and Maintenance
  5. Special Designs